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The International Women in Resources Mentorship Programme (IWRMP) aims to empower and promote the career prospects of women working in the international resources industry by developing productive mentoring partnerships to assist in creating a more diverse and gender progressive industry.


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IWRMP will base its objectives in the following areas:


  • Enhance global retention and support for women in mining.
  • Enhance global opportunities to connect and network with programme participants.
  • Enhance and support global organisational cultures in diversity and gender parity through program participants’ workplaces.
  • Enhance and provide superior role models to women working in mining in different cultures and global communities.
  • Engage globally recognised industry sponsors to contribute to a mentoring programme that aligns with their values in diversity and commerciality.



IWRMP will utilise a heavily structured framework and will include:


  • The second year of IWRMP will run for six months beginning on the eve of Mining Indaba, on Sunday 3rd February.
  • There will be two official events held throughout the programme: Kickstart (start) and Celebration (end).
  • IWRMP will utilise a structured approach that includes a comprehensive matching process conducted by Registered Psychologists, a framework to align mentor/mentee expectations and expedite the mentoring process, training  and ongoing support for all participants. All facilities would be offered online so participants are not disadvantaged by not attending events.
  • Influential males and females sourced from around the world will be invited to participate as mentors (no charge).
  • There will be 80 mentee positions available to women working in resources in a variety of disciplines from around the world.
  • All sponsored mentees have a guaranteed place on the programme.
  • Mentors and mentees are matched manually by behavioural experts to ensure best outcomes.
  • Mentors and mentees are given training face-to-face or online so inability to attend in person does not disadvantage. We encourage physical attendance only in as much as you might get the chance to meet your mentor/mentee in person (which makes such a tremendous difference to the relationship), you get to meet other mentees/mentors and absorb more of the training.
  • Not all pairs will manage to meet in person due to a huge number of reasons.
  • If despite our best efforts a particular pairing struggles we will find them a new mentor/mentee.
  • Coaching is available both to mentees and mentors to assist during the 6-month period.
  • Both mentees and mentors (in addition to their sessions) have monthly webinars within their cohort (mentees with mentees and mentors with mentors – new service we are bringing in for mentors). This helps flag any issues and discuss challenges as a group. This is also when mentees are challenged on leadership skills and emotional intelligence for example. Dr Ali Burston moderates the webinars.
  • There is no guarantee that a mentor who put themselves forward will be matched. However, we guarantee that we will find each mentee a mentor that suits their needs and personality.
  • Languages: we have helped mentees who spoke only French and Spanish to find mentors who have that language capability but can’t guarantee it for Asian languages even if we would always give it a try.


Please contact the Steering Committee organisers for further information:



Barbara Dischinger (Director)




Ali Burston (Project Director)



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