Mentee applications for the 2020 programme are now closed.


Our 2020 programme will run April to October.





Thank you for your interest in our global cross-company mentoring programme. The cost is USD3000.


To receive a part or full scholarship to IWRMP 2020


If you can’t self-fund or get your employer to fund your place or part-fund your place in the programme please send us a strong covering letter & CV to The covering letter needs to answer why you deserve to receive this scholarship and what you will do to inspire & develop other women in mining with what you will have learned.

A statement addressing all of the questions below, no word limit. Please include your current employer and position.

1. What life experiences have shaped who you are today and what challenges have you overcome in achieving your current position (i.e. financial, personal, medical, etc.).

2. Describe your life and career goals and your plans to achieve them along with any committee or volunteer activities (both in and outside of work) that you may perform.

3. How will you pass on your learning to other women and girls at work and in your community?


Upon receipt of your covering letter we will send you the link to the mentee application form. Fill it out and tick the box – I need a scholarship on the mentee application form.


We will only be able to let you know by the end of February 2020 if your scholarship application was successful. We apologise and understand that this doesn't leave much time to organise visas, flights and accommodation if you wanted to attend training and launch at the end of April in Santiago, Chile, in person.


The scholarship pays for matching (finding you the best mentor), training sessions, training manual, webinars, alumni network, admin and onboarding, two events and additional resources. It does not include flights and accommodation to our launch and closing events in Chile and Australia.


Everything is available online so not being able to travel does not mean you can't have a great mentoring programme.



There is an industry need to develop a structured and sustainable mentoring programme for women. The International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme (IWRMP) provide women the opportunity to connect with more experienced individuals or mentors, who are in a position to empower and promote them from a professional and personal development perspective. Mentors are successful senior professionals in the global resources industry.


This programme isn't for students and we prefer mentees with a minimum of 5 years experience. It is good even for more senior professionals and we cater for all mining professions. IWRMP mentees will benefit by: 


  • Gaining career guidance and support from a female or male leader in the mining industry. Topics will include self-reflection, goal setting, career future-proofing, building on strengths, developing gaps and expanding your personal network.
  • Receiving comprehensive training.
  • Developing career goals with a highly experienced professional that does not have an agenda with the mentee’s workplace/country/culture.
  • Having a friend to share their industry experiences with.
  • Being part of a unique, tailored and global programme for women working in the resources industry.
  • ​Some professional industry bodies recognise mentoring as a Professional Development activity that may be logged in Professional Development logbooks. Contact your professional industry body for further information to see if you qualify.


What does the application fee cover?


  • Being manually matched with a mentor (best personal fit as well as professional).


  • Attendance at a three-hour training session covering topics involved with developing a successful mentoring partnership.
  • Kickstart industry networking event where you will get the opportunity to enhance your networks and meet mentees, mentors, sponsors, organsiers and industry guests.
  • Approximately eight one-hour mentoring sessions with a mentor expertly matched to your career objectives.
  • Invitation to five monthly touch point webinars.
  • Invitation to a final Celebration event where you will get the opportunity to enhance your networks and meet mentors and industry VIPs.




Mentee Testimonials


"I am an experienced mentor, but realised I didn’t have a great set of career goals myself - so I signed up as a mentee to the international program. This program is equally beneficial and applicable in more senior careers as it is too early in a career. My mentor challenged my resolve on many topics and made me realise and address my own paradigms. As a result, I saw a much clearer set of goals as well as a path to achieve them. My mentor was a great match in personality as well as experience, and it was great to ask him how he stepped from each challenge to the next. As timing would have it, a great career opportunity came along towards the end of the program and I’m now starting my new job this week - exciting.”


“The mentorship programme has offered me the opportunity to make great career improvement decisions and set achievable goals. I have also established contact with a lot of women in mining. This experience is a lifetime asset. I am very grateful for the exposure. Thank you very much organisers for such an initiative.”


“Career development was a major part of our discussions, through this, I was able to land a good job. Also, I feel I have a sense of direction as to where I want to see myself in the next 5-10 years”


“I have had a great experience and I recommend this mentorship programme to many more women in the mining sector. It has made be very proactive, focused and since I learnt goal setting, I work with a target and it has been easier to achieve them.”


“A big part of this program’s success for me is just to have someone with no vested interests to talk things through with and bounce ideas off.”


“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me this year. It was definitely a challenge for me to think outside the box and to push myself beyond my comfort zone. But in 6 months, I have presented to federal and provincial ministers on a subject that I was no expert on, but I did it anyway!! And you know, I did great. I have started taking French, something I have had on my development bucket list for years, but now I am staying it daily. I have an executive coach to continue my development journey. I have formulated as much as I would like my longer-term goals, but I am making progress and have more confidence as a result of the programme. “



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