Mentors join us by invitation only and go through an application and selection process. IWRMP mentors will be female and male senior leaders in the resources industry that have a fundamental value to see women succeed in our sector.


Contact us if you are interested.



Mentors typically:


  • Complete a mentor application that aims to gain clarity on your industry experience and career history.
  • Attend a mandatory three-hour training session that aims to educate all mentors on how to conduct a successful mentoring partnership the ‘IWRMP’ way.
  • Provide professional support, career guidance and industry advice to a female mentee on a 3-4 week basis for the duration of the program.
  • The opportunity to provide guidance, support and leadership to the world’s future mining leaders.
  • Exceptional networking and business development opportunities.
  • Opportunity to ‘give back’ to the resources industry in a productive and unique way.




Mentor Testimonials


 "I originally decided to volunteer as a mentor on the IWRMP as I have had great benefit in the past from mentors and wanted to return the favour. I have grown from the experience, and came to realise that it was not just giving-back but receiving in return.  Each discussion with my mentee made me also reflect on my own challenges, opportunities and responses. It was time well spent”


 “I have found the program to be very beneficial and very structured, which is something that has been lacking in other mentoring programs I’ve been a part of. I’ve really enjoyed my interactions with X and hope that she has found them as beneficial as I have”


“This program kept me grounded experiencing and listening to the challenges of my mentee. Reminded me so much of what we still have to continue working on not only in our industry but in society. I will continue my journey with her”


 “I really enjoyed being part of this work and felt like I could share actionable ideas that my mentee adapted and used. I also took so much away from the discussion in understanding how a different company works, seeing my mentee develop thinking for herself and the perspective and challenges of a younger workforce. It also reinforced for me how much more work is needed in mining capability development”


“I feel very grateful to have been selected as a mentor in the program. This has given me both great training in how to be a good mentor and also to continue to challenge myself in the process. It is these kinds of programs that truly enable broader collaboration, networking and learning globally that is otherwise hard for our mentors and mentees to access. In my experience this relationship will last a lifetime and help to set up our mentees for a great future.”



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